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The second edition of Agile Retrospectives is coming!

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We are looking for members of the community to share their experiences with retrospectives & be part of the book. Whether it was a shining success, a complete catastrophe, or somewhere in between, share your experiences to shape the new edition of one of the most popular agile books of all time!

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We've learned a lot in the past 15 years and the world has changed
Esther Derby and Diana Larsen will be joined by David Horowitz to share what they've learned since publishing the first edition of Agile Retrospectives. The second edition will include real-life stories of how retrospectives are helping teams around the world continuously improve.

esther derby

Esther Derby

Management consultant, leadership coach & expert in organizational change
Co-Author, Agile Retrospectives

diana larsen

Diana Larsen

Consultant, mentor, speaker
Founder, Agile Fluency® Project
Co-Author, Agile Retrospectives

david horowitz

David Horowitz

Scrum Master,
Co-founder and CEO, Retrium

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